Thursday, 31 May 2012

Time to Get Out In the Countryside

When the weather is good, many people long for a quiet weekend break in a charming or quaint little village in the countryside, far away from the noise and bustle of the city in which we live. The choice is limitless but will depend on which area of the country you prefer.

Some people enjoy rugged uplands where they can feel the wind blowing through their hair; they find this quite invigorating. Others however, enjoy gentle rolling uplands or quiet secluded valleys beside a gently meandering river.

Which ever of these you prefer you can find your ideal spot in the wilds of Yorkshire.
The choice of hiking or gentle walking routes are endless and if you feel a little more strenuous you could try other activities such as potholing or caving – not forgetting mountain biking of course. Whatever your age, ability or interest you are sure to find something to suit.

The hills and moorland can be quite dramatic and rough at times, but the valleys have a gentleness and lushness not found anywhere else in the country. There are many pretty picture postcard villages where the locals are friendly and helpful. Some villages even have cobbled streets leading to local shops and pubs that cater for weary tourists at the end of a beautiful day.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

A Great Country Walk .

If you enjoy getting out in the fresh country air and taking some exercise, then you'll enjoy this video.

It describes in detail, a great walk for those who are fairly enegetic and like good views while they are walking. Ian Simpson has made this route easy to follow and very enjoyable.

Hope you like it too.